Toner scams, inferior –even toxic – cartridges, shifting Asian supply sources, patent infringing products, and even blatant anti-competitive behavior from the OEMs make this a difficult time to buy printer cartridges. The FTC reports that millions are lost every year in toner-phoner scams. Even worse, carcinogenic materials have been found in the cartridge shells and toner of some of the cheap cartridges you can buy off the internet that are made in Asia.

Don’t put your dollars or health at risk…

When you buy from a cartridge made or sold by an Int’l ITC member, you are buying a cartridge that is remanufactured in North America. After 25 years, our members know how to manufacture and evaluate cartridges so that they perform optimally, and at a considerable savings over brand-name new ones. Plus they offer a considerable environmental benefit.

Finally, Int’l ITC members care about being in the industry long-term (most already have been). They want your repeat business, and your loyalty. This is a claim that Asian internet sellers can’t make.