The International Imaging Technology Council (“Int’l ITC” or “Association”) is pleased to offer its qualified companies a logo (“STMC Logo”) that will allow them to proudly display their achievements in employing standardized STMC testing. The STMC Logo signals commitment to producing quality printing cartridges by using STMC testing protocols.

    The STMC Logo is owned by the Int’l ITC and may be used only by companies that have undergone the STMC training procedure and have qualified to use their unique STMC logo and for the limited purposes set out below.

    Where the STMC Logo May Be Used

    The STMC Logo may appear on product packaging, marketing materials, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, external and internal communications, webpages, social media, print and web advertising, email signatures, and direct mail or email solicitations.

    If used on a webpage, the STMC Logo must hyperlink to the Int’l website at

    PLEASE avoid scanning and sending the certificate electronically. There is a great problem with counterfeit certificates. Feel free to send your logo electronically.

    Restrictions on Use
    • The license to use the STMC Logo terminates automatically upon the time of the Logo’s expiration date, or if the logo is revoked by the Int’l ITC for misuse or misrepresentation.
    • The limited license to use the STMC Logo may not be assigned or sublicensed.
    • The STMC Logo is not an endorsement or certification of a company’s products or services, and may not be used to indicate or imply in any manner that the Int’l ITC endorses, sponsors, or approves of any product or service.
    • The STMC Logo may not be used in a manner that harms the STMC, the Int’l ITC, its members, or is otherwise objectionable.
    • The license only permits the use the STMC Logo. It does not license or authorize the use of any other Int’l ITC trade logos without prior written approval from the Int’l ITC.
    • The Int’l ITC retains the right to terminate this limited license at any time for any reason.
    • The Int’l ITC is not liable in any way for losses, damages, fees or expenses arising out of use of the STMC Logo.
    • The terms of this limited license may be amended by the Int’l ITC from time to time, in its sole discretion.
    Graphic Requirements

    The following rules apply to the appearance of the STMC Logo:

    • The STMC Logo may be printed only in black/white or the specific colors provided in the electronic files.
    • The STMC Logo may only be reproduced in the approved format that is provided in the electronic file with no revisions, modifications, or redesign in any manner.
    • The STMC Logo may not be combined with, added to, or incorporated into any other logo or design, such as the logo or design for a business.

    Please contact the Int’l ITC at (702)-838-4279 with questions.