Asst. Director of Operations Tim Wurtz, CEO Farrah Walker, Int’l ITC Executive Director Tricia Judge and Director of Operations Robert Wurtz

The pandemic was not conducive to STMC training.  In-person instruction was forced to end abruptly.  However, companies still had the need for training and recertification, which caused companies around the globe to get creative.

Perfect Output, LLC, in Overland Park, KS, was one such company.  Laser Equipment, a leading toner remanufacturing and printer sales and service company was purchased by Perfect Output in 2014.  In the midst of the pandemic lockdowns, industry veteran and Laser Equipment Director of Operations Robert Wurtz reached out to get STMC certification from the Int’l ITC.

Wurtz’ experience in the remanufacturing industry made the process a little easier, as he and STMC Instructor and Int’l ITC Executive Director Tricia Judge, the sole Int’l ITC staff member during the pandemic, worked together to get his company through the STMC process.  By April 2021, Perfect Output has submitted a superb STMC test and was certified.

By then, the pandemic restrictions were lightening up, and Judge decided to hand deliver the STMC certificate. “Perfect Output impressed me with its commitment to delivering quality products, environmental stewardship and its cultural diversity,” she said.

“We recognize and prepare our employees for their role as ambassadors to the community, raising their awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues,” said Owner and Chairman John Walker. “We also create communication channels and a general atmosphere that encourages our employees to constructively critique our activities as they affect the environment.”

Perfect Output currently remanufactures and provides laser toner and services for a nationwide telecommunications company, a nationwide grocery store chain, regional healthcare and hospital systems, banks and credit unions, title companies, and many others.  “Because we offer laser toner and other consumables, built in-house by our American workers, even some manufacturers partner with us to meet the U.S. security needs of their own customers”, said Farrah Walker, owner, and CEO. “Perfect Output is committed to being at the forefront of leading age, state-of-the-art output technology equipment, and efficiency practices,”

Perfect Output has mastered the art of marrying product and service delivery, which requires constant vigilance. “Perfect Output promises to keep clients up-to-date with the most advanced office equipment, supplies, and technology service solutions, which not only meet clients’ day-to-day functional needs, but also exceed their long-term strategic business needs,” said COO Asya Evans. “Perfect Output promises to be a partner to the client and to give them excellent service, quality products, and complete satisfaction.”

It was the quest for superior cartridges and testing that led them back to STMC. “There are many options available for consumers wanting a reliable alternative to the OEM,” said Wurtz.  “STMC certification gives our clients confidence that our remanufactured cartridges will perform to OEM standards. Moreover, since many businesses and government agencies require it, becoming STMC certified has opened doors for many business opportunities.”

During their time together, the management of Perfect Output and Int’l ITC realized they had similar goals: to raise the image of remanufactured supplies and to protect this valuable environmentally-friendly industry.  So Perfect Output also joined the Int’l ITC.

There is strength in numbers. The industry is only a fraction of the size it was twenty years ago and most resources are gone. We believe that it’s imperative to support the resources that remain,” Wurtz said. “During the years of consolidation and change, Tricia Judge and her team at the Int’l ITC have valiantly defended and faithfully supported the remanufacturing industry and we want to support them. Joining the Int’l ITC gives us access to industry-related breaking news stories, industry research, legal concerns, and a lot more. When we log on to, we feel connected to the industry.”

Perfect Output, LLC, a minority and veteran-owned business, was founded in 1997 to satisfy a market need for customized, highly service-oriented document output technology and service solutions that could help companies improve their net profits.  For more than two decades, Perfect Output has continued to provide numerous large corporations and government agencies with customized technology solutions which reduced clients’ office print and related technology and services costs by up to 50 percent.  Perfect Output offers managed print services, including hardware and supplies, and office supplies.