The Int’l Imaging Technology Council is providing you with access to a Global Service Directory, sponsored by Int’l ITC member Miracom Network. Take advantage of this new member benefit now by clicking the "Sign Up" button below.


What is it and why you should sign up?

The Global Service Directory enables you and other service providers to quickly locate one another. This enables you to tap into resources around the world, and support any size account, no matter where you or your customers are located. You are able to pursue large, geographically dispersed accounts that you may not have been able to otherwise pursue and service.


And by listing your company in the Directory, you provide your company with exposure to service providers who may wish to turn to you for an assortment of services and client support. Being listed in the Directory is the first step in having the opportunity to have other service providers call upon your company to support their service needs. You will get more revenue-generating business merely by taking the time to sign up.


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When they turn to you for service

This may be the most inexpensive way for you to generate business opportunities and additional revenue. The first time a service provider issues you a ticket for service, you will be charged a fee equivalent to 10 percent of the fee you charge for the services you provide. Thereafter, if you and the service provider form a direct relationship with one another within the application, outside of the Service Directory, then you will be billed a ticket fee of $2.50 or less for each job you accept to service.


For just a few dollars you can receive tickets for all kinds of service and support requests! How much would this cost you in advertising and marketing dollars?


Access the Directory yourself

And if you wish to service your own customers through the Directory, issuing tickets to other service providers costs no more than that same low ticket fee of $2.50 or less. There’s no better way to locate service providers and issue and service tickets in the market today. It’s the most comprehensive and inexpensive Service Directory you can ever join!


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