The city of Los Angeles, California, has unanimously passed a resolution supporting the ban on import for sale of single-use, new built cartridges.  With RemanDay, April 14, right around the corner, we want you to share this idea with your elected officials.
The resolution passed by Los Angeles highlights the single-use, anti-environmental nature of these foreign cartridges.  However, we have added even more information into the communication you can send them directly, by downloading it at
You can send this important message to your local, state and federal representatives by finding them at In fifteen minutes, you can let your officials know about the negative environmental impact of these cartridges, but also about the positive impact of using remanufactured cartridges and the North American jobs they represent.
If you send these electronically, which you can do easily, please send a copy to me at I’d welcome the chance to see you stand up for our industry, and perhaps share your story.
Got 15 minutes to improve your business and the Globe? Sure you do.