Who are your members?

Our members are imaging supplies dealers that care about the health of the industry and its long-term viability. Member companies include toner and inkjet cartridge remanufacturers, imaging supplies dealers, Managed Print Service (MPS) providers, office supply stores, computer and printer repair companies, and so many more.

How do you represent members interest?

For the past two decades, the Int’l Imaging Technology Council has:

  • Worked for passage and enforcement of legislation favorable to our industry, especially legislation that is pro-remanufacturing and pro-repair.
  • Defended members and our industry from unfair business and trade practices as well as misleading information and advertising that is antirecycling and anti-environmental.
  • Published information for consumers regarding their choices in imaging supplies, and why they should prefer supplies remanufactured and sold by members.
  • Provided timely and important information to our members about activities that will affect their businesses, including lawsuits, technology changes, environmental issues and legislative activities.
  • Administered, supported and policed the STMC program, a quality testing initiative, that allows consumers and corporate buyers to buy with products tested for their quality.
  • Supported our affiliated associations abroad.

How are you international?

Our membership is drawn primarily from businesses in the United States and Canada. However, we have had members from South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We maintain affiliations and coordinate activities with similar organizations in Europe, South America, Canada, Japan, and Australia. Cartridge recycling/remanufacturing and the sales thereof is a global industry requiring a global voice.

What’s “in it for me” if I join the Int’l ITC?

Tangible benefits include free information disseminated directly to all members via our email newsletter and on our website. Members receive exclusive invitation to any Int’l ITC meeting and access to the growing “members-only” section of our website, which offers downloadable materials for members such as passed legislation, marketing pieces, newsletter templates, reprints of articles and more.

Intangible Benefits include being part of the only trade association for our industry with a mission to promote and protect the industry as well as educate its members. The RadioShack advocacy initiative is an example. RadioShack was advertising that remanufactured ink jet use will void a customer’s printer warranty. Int’l ITC took immediate action, and within weeks, Radio Shack removed the advertising from its shelves.

As a trade association with members all over the world, legislators listen when we bring legitimate problems to their attention. As a business owner, you need to run your business. As a trade association, we need to make unfair practices don’t stand in your way.

Other benefits include a venue for networking with fellow members. Members often find answers, and even new business, when working with other members.

How do I get involved in leadership?

Volunteers are the strength of this organization and leadership starts with you. Contact the executive director about opportunities on the Board of Directors.

Let us know where your interests are and we’ll find a place for you!