What you need.

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ASTM F1856-98 Standard Practice for Determining Toner Usage for Printer Cartridges. (required)

ASTM F 2036 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Larger Area Density and Background on Electrophotographic Printers. (required)


ISTA 1A Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less

Basic Requirements: fixed displacement vibration and shock testing.

(Only required if shipping product)



Balance or Scale Capable of reading 4Kg with a resolution of 0.1g

Class 4 Traceable 2Kg specified in owners manual of balance scale

Densitometer-Capable of reading 3 decimal places.

Certified Black Mat or Calibration Card /Tile, One side calibrated black

Thermometer and Hygrometer for determining temperature and humidity.

Printer Data System-per F 2036

Test Target Generator-Capable of generating 5% page coverage for the cartridge to be evaluated.PerF1856

Backing for Densitometer Readings-Recommended GCA backstop, but any diffuse black backing with a reflection density of 1.5 +/- 0.2 is acceptable