Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Get trained. Contact a certified trainer to set up the training. Click here for list. The trainers are volunteers and do not charge for training. However, some trainers may ask to have their expenses reimbursed.


Be equipped. Before the trainer arrives, acquire the test methods and read them, and make sure that you have the necessary training equipment. Test medthods and list of equipment can be viewed here.


Get certified. After your trainer has showed you the proper use of the equipment and test methods, he will send a report to the STMC committee chairmen that attests to your training and ownership of the correct testing equipment. He will also instruct you to undertake a test on your own and send the results to the STMC. Those test results will be evaluated for correct test procedures. Upon approval of all of these items, the International Imaging Technology Council will issue a certificate to your company that it is proficient in the use of the test methods.


Receive STMC logo. You will also receive instructions on how to receive your logo and registration number. You must submit in writing that you agree to use the test methods routinely and that you agree to use the logo properly.



Initial certification is $1,000.00

Recertification (every 2 yrs) is $1,000.00

STMC Logo is included.