Canon has filed another round of patent infringement lawsuits today, this time targeting defendants that sell toner supply containers for its Canon imageRunner copiers.  At this early time, Int’l ITC could locate cases against only five defendants, including Copier Repair Specialists, Katun, Static Control Components, the Supplies Guys and Zinyaw.  The suits were filed in the various defendants’ local federal courts, and dozens more were coming in as this went to press, many against Asian companies

The lawsuit claims that the defendants infringed ten patents covering its toner supply container.  Canon included packaging of the potentially infringing products, of which four appeared to be packaged in the same type of box, which had penguins on the side.  Penguins are the trademark of Ninestar, but Ninestar is, again as of yet, not a named defendant.

In the lawsuit, Canon states it will be filing a lawsuit concurrently with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC).  Canon was taken to task in its last round of lawsuits for overreaching with its attempts to claim patent infringement on some cartridge components.  However, it has also been quite successful in getting settlements, general exclusion orders and other remedial relief, including product takedowns from Amazon, against distributors selling competing products. The Int’l Imaging Technology Council will closely monitor this lawsuit and all others that effect the imaging supplies marketplace.