Actionable Intelligence and Int’l ITC Kick Off Multi-Client Research Project on Reman Industry

AI(Franklin, MA And Las Vegas, NV) Actionable Intelligence and the International Imaging Technology Council (Int’l ITC) are partnering to launch a comprehensive examination of the North American remanufacturing industry. The multi-client study, which is currently open to subscribers, will combine qualitative and quantitative inputs to offer a complete picture of the dynamics shaping the region’s remanufacturing industry. The report will also feature 15 in-depth profiles of the largest remanufacturers based in North America.


“We are thrilled to be teaming up with the Int’l ITC to do this first-of-its-kind study of the North American remanufacturing industry,” says Actionable Intelligence president and founder Charles Brewer. Tricia Judge, executive director of the Int’l ITC., says “With Action Intell’s unparalleled coverage of the hardware and consumables markets and the council’s deep understanding of the remanufacturing industry, we can provide subscribers to the study the critical business insights into the current health of the reman industry, which firms are growing and which are declining, and how business models are evolving within the industry.”


Leveraging the thousands of articles currently available at along interviews of various industry stakeholders, the multi-client study will deliver a thorough understanding of how the latest hardware with competing technologies, form factors, feature sets are gaining and losing or losing market share. The study will also feature survey results of Int’l ITC member companies to answer such key questions as:


  • • Which companies continue to remanufacture?
  • • Are changing hardware populations (ink v. toner, A3 v. A4, color v. mono) impacting their product lines?
  • • What channels (online, office equipment dealers, IT VARs, etc.) are the most effective?
  • • Where will the North American industry be in five years.


As Ms. Judge explains, the North American remanufacturing industry is mature and consolidating, but it continues to generate billions of dollars in annual revenue. She acknowledges, however, that demand for remanufactured cartridges in the region is being tamped down by the growing availability of newly-manufactured, third-party compatibles cartridges along with a secular move away from printing. “Regional remanufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to thrive as they cope with the demands of 21st-century market ,” says Ms. Judge.


Mr. Brewer agrees, “The remanufacturing industry in North America is being squeezed. On one side, OEMs are developing new channel strategies to more effectively compete with remans. On the other side, they face relentless pressure from third-party supplies vendors grabing share with new-build compatibles. In the face of all this, we seek to understand how the reman industry is doing and where it’s heading.”


Subscriptions are currently be accepted to the study, which is expected to be release in late March or early April. Additional details are available upon request by contacting Actionable Intelligence or the I’tnl ITC.


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