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Supreme Court leans towards Aftermarket in Oral Arguments


After a chilly, even hostile reception at the appellate level, the US Supreme Court appears warmly open to domestic patent exhaustion. As for international patent exhaustion after the first sale of a cartridge, they appear ready to overturn the lower court on that issue as well.


Oral arguments in the case of Impression Products v Lexmark Inc. were held on Tuesday morning. Lexmark has been using this unsettled area of patent law to threaten – or sue – remanufacturers when they “violate” the return program by remanufacturing cartridges, or buy cores first sold in Canada or overseas for remanufacturing.


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Pres. Trump’s “America First” Trade Policy
Good or Bad News for the U.S. – and Global -- Aftermarket


Tricia Judge, Executive Director, International Imaging Technology Council


The election of Donald Trump was an epic event that more than half the U.S. population opposed, an unprecedented conclusion to a surreal campaign. And like the Brexit vote before it, the outcome was unexpected by almost everyone. Trump’s campaign tapped into the rage of a stifled, unhappy U.S. workforce. And his outlandish promises for walls at the borders and indictments of career politicians resonated with these people. Once elected, he started to vacillate on campaign promises immediately. And his Tweets have left many wondering what the future holds. No one can say for sure, probably not even his closest allies. So what does the future portend for cartridge remanufacturers here and abroad with Trump in the White House? Initial signs point to some good news and bad news.


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